New Location, Same Content


Max Kuhn


February 26, 2024

This is the new home for the Applied Predictive Modeling blog.

We’ve moved it here, along with the previous blog posts, because we’re now using a format that is much easier to work with (Quarto). This will make it a lot easier to create posts1.

The blog is starting back up since we are actively developing our new (third) book called Applied Machine Learning for Tabular Data (aml4td). We’ll post progress updates, requests for community help, discussions of technical matters, and other topics.

We kept the old blog name, which might be a little confusing since we are focusing on a different book. First, we wanted our posts in the same location; adding content in a new place was awkward. Second, the new book has similar topics and I’d expect we’d put similar content here.

Instead of having discussions inside the blog posts, we’ll create GitHub issues when we ask for community feedback and folks can respond there.

(The banner image is by Dmytro Tolokonov)


  1. Our old site was started around 2010. GitHub was barely a thing and we were years away from R’s markdown/rmarkdown/blogdown packages. We used Squarespace to host the blog, and it was fine but unwieldy for what we were doing.↩︎