2024 Tidymodels User Survey

Tell us which features are most important to you.

Max Kuhn


March 4, 2024

In the tidymodels group, we re-evaluate our development roadmap after a major development epoch. In this case, we are finishing up extended support for censored data models (more on that later).

We always want community input into our direction. So please take a look at our tidymodels survey for 2024 priorities blog post and then take the survey.

While it’s not a guarantee, we do take it into account. For example, I was not really interested in creating a stacking ensemble package. However, it was rated very high in past surveys (here’s an example of some of those results). That helped lead one of our former interns group members to make the stacks package.

A few things are somewhat in process now, so we left those off the list. Our original list of possibilities had almost two dozen entries; we’ve whittled it down to less than ten for the survey.

(The photo is a NASA/JPL/SSI image of the hexagon on Saturn’s north pole)