February 2024 Talks


Max Kuhn


April 9, 2024

Two significant talks last month.

On March 19th, I gave the final keynote at the inaugural Pharmaceutical Data Science Conference at the University of Connecticut. The talk was called “What Happens After the Model?”

Machine learning models are everywhere now. We must spend more time on what happens before and after the model fit to build higher-quality algorithms. This talk will describe a set of post-model activities that can improve the fit and also ensure that, when deployed, it is used effectively.

You can find the slides at topepo.github.io/2024_PharmaDS/ and these contain a link to the sources.

Second was tutorial for the Statistical Society of Australia called “Introduction to Machine Learning with tidymodels”. The slides are at topepo.github.io/2024_SSA_SCV/ and the sources are at github.com/topepo/2024_SSA_SCV. A huge thanks go to Simon Couch who write the first (very slick) section of the slides.